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I follow back <3

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Can you guys please follow my new blog!?!?

www.zebra-bow.tumblr.com <3333 I will love you forever! I have no followers lmao. I will follow back :]

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I think I’m giving this blog a break…

I think I would like to make a whole new blog, different name & everything. I wanted this to be a beauty blog but I just went a little post crazy & posted about anything just so I could have an update. My camera is crappy also, I’m hoping to get a new one before January’s over. So I believe i’ll give this blog a little more thinking, also time to get some more post ideas thought out & everything. So yeah, I’ll be back very soon! xo <3

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Charia Leopard Slippers

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Cute little cupcake candles from Dollar Tree, $1.00 each :]

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Michaels & Target buys from yesterday :]

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Forever 21, Kohls & Target buys from today :]

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Meijers had Sinful Color nail polish 3/$5 today :]

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Just a few purchases that I made today :] My local Rite Aid is going out of business & everything was 50% off so I went in & bought 2 nail polishes & a lipstick.

1st Nail Polish: Wet N Wild in Tropicalia - Originally $1.99, paid .99

2nd Nail Polish: Revlon in Sweet Tart - Originally $4.99, paid $2.50

Lipstick: Wet N Wild in Think Pink - Originally .99, paid .50

The next place I went is Dollar Tree, I’ve been loving that store lately because EVERYTHINGS $1.00 :] But I got a cute little Lotion+Perfume, a head band w. a bow & a cute Christmas mug <3

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